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LTtax is a browser-based (self-hosted) system that keeps you in control of your data, protected by your SECURITY standards. LTtax keeps you in COMPLIANCE by enabling you to track and pay all federal, state and local payroll withholding tax obligations and all state unemployment tax obligations when they are due.

LTtax SUPPORT is unmatched in the industry. When you call or email, you will receive an immediate response from a knowledgeable technician. There are no automated phone systems or service levels to mount.


LTtax is designed for your success:

  • Handle unscheduled payrolls and adjustments, multiple payrolls per day and data from multiple source systems.
  • Produce pre-programmed signature-ready IRS-approved Federal Schedules 941, 941X, 940, 945, 945X and 1042 forms and electronic filings.
  • Ensures compliance for companies with multiple FEINs, residing in multiple states and localities.
  • Generate state and local generic withholding recaps, electronic quarterly recaps and SUTA electronic filings by person.
  • Create any number of customized reports in popular output formats.
  • Make payments via NACHA, check and/or feeds to your accounts payable or other financial systems.
  • Receive data from any source payroll system.

LTtax software simplifies your multi-state Payroll Withholding Tax and Unemployment Tax obligations. Let us show you how.

Contact us: 
Phone: 212-643-1768
Email: info@PayrollTax.com

Flexibility to handle the rules and the exceptions to the rules


  • Import Data From Any Payroll System
  • Automatically Assign Due Dates
  • Track and Pay:
    – Federal 941 Withholding
    – State and Local Withholding
    – State Unemployment
    – FUTA Quarterly
    – Federal 945 / 1042
  • Issue NACHA Payments
  • Track Credits
  • Feed A/P and G/L Systems
  • Create Electronic Filings
  • Electronic Filing of Wage Detail
  • File Amended 941x / 945x
  • Multiple Worksite Reporting
  • Tax Agency Notice Tracking
  • Update Records with Receipt Numbers


  • Immediate support, no automated phone messages
  • Speak to an expert every time you call, our hotline is staffed by LTtax experts
  • No matter how big you grow, the system grows with you – at no extra cost
  • Process Unlimited Number of FEINs & Jurisdictions
  • Track and Pay All Payroll Taxes
  • Access Application From a Browser
  • Built-In Compliance and Due Dates
  • Reconciliation Tool for Any Timeframe
  • Common Agent Capability
  • Scanned Signatures
  • Audit Tool
  • Preview / PDF Reports
  • SQL Support Tools
  • Checkwriter
  • Export Data to Excel
  • Customize Functions, Processes & Reports
  • Allow/Deny Access to all Menu Options